Hen Harriers on Patrol


My first report is from a few weeks ago. I went to this field a couple times before to shoot the Hen Harriers. But I noticed I could not get close enough to get a good shoot of them and I did not have 15 thousand euros laying around….


Oh wait! I have a tent hide. Let’s use that. Please do not let that fool you, because the photos below are five tent sessions of each at least 5 hours later.
The Hen Harriers came! They came a couple of times almost evenly distributed across the total time. Tried a couple spots, but one spot proved to be the most productive. Quick tip: observe the bird you want to photograph, learn from him and try to fool him.


The third time I noticed a Carduus bush, and I thought maybe…..if I am lucky some Goldfinches may come to eat some. That resulted into some very nice collateral damage.


Oh and the Owls are one late afternoon, when I decided to walk around after a Hen Harrier tent hide session. Obviously I could not get too close to them without my tent.



Tip #1 Have Fun!

My first ever tip is probably the most important tip. Please do never forget this tip!


You should not care what other people ever think of you, while doing something you like (without hurting other people). In photography there are a lot of people whom forget that making photos is supposed to be fun. If somebody ever makes you feel like making pictures is not fun, do not listen to them.

If you are not technical forget technical stuff. I will explain you the technical stuff in an easy as possible way. Settings are easy, experience can be gained.
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