Marc-Peter Kooistra, born in 1981, is a wildlife photographer from Cairns, Australia. Originally from the Netherlands, he decided to move to the land down under in 2018.

He has always loved nature, looking at his photos, obviously birds. But not a single small animal is safe when his triggerfinger is ready for it. If a deer stands next to a lizard the lizard is made famous, or maybe both if the picture is going to get more beautiful.

With his pictures he wants to show¬†animals (and nature) from a different point of view. Not looking at them with a sense of: “That is an animal”. But he would like his viewers to notice a similarity between themselves and the other living being. Animals are not so different from us…. Not so sure about that? Look at Marc-Peter’s pictures and think again!

Marc-Peter started to get serious about nature photography with a Canon 450D and a Tamron 18-200mm. Yes, a lot of photographers will say this is a crap lens, but who cares! If you do not hurt other people with it, just have fun. If you want or have to shoot with a particular camera or lens just do it. Let your photography speak for you, always improve yourself.

Since then, Marc-Peter has improved his skills and has spend loads of money on his gear (this stuff is so expensive!!!). This is the gear Marc-Peter uses today: