Hen Harriers on Patrol


My first report is from a few weeks ago. I went to this field a couple times before to shoot the Hen Harriers. But I noticed I could not get close enough to get a good shoot of them and I did not have 15 thousand euros laying around….


Oh wait! I have a tent hide. Let’s use that. Please do not let that fool you, because the photos below are five tent sessions of each at least 5 hours later.
The Hen Harriers came! They came a couple of times almost evenly distributed across the total time. Tried a couple spots, but one spot proved to be the most productive. Quick tip: observe the bird you want to photograph, learn from him and try to fool him.


The third time I noticed a Carduus bush, and I thought maybe…..if I am lucky some Goldfinches may come to eat some. That resulted into some very nice collateral damage.


Oh and the Owls are one late afternoon, when I decided to walk around after a Hen Harrier tent hide session. Obviously I could not get too close to them without my tent.