Bulgaria Bulgaria

As some people have probably noticed (mostly social media followers/likers), I have been away on a phototrip to Bulgaria last week.

Bulgaria is not densily populated, hence it is quite wild. Nature has not been affected by people on a scale like we have in Holland. That is why it is a great country to photograph or enjoy nature. And so I did.

Iliyan Valchanov was our guide. And although his English was not very good, we could surely rely on his many years of experience in Bulgarian wilderness. One thing he had no problem with was knowing every English bird’s name by heart.

One of the big surprises was that the rarely seen visitor in Holland: the Bee-eater, was probably one of the most common birds in Bulgaria. Besides these, there were loads of other species not to be found or hard to be found in Holland. Definitely one  of the high lights of the trip for me was using a floating hide. I had an absolute blast!

Here are some pictures of the trip. I will post more the following days on my social media and website.