Rain and Elusivity

Monday I went looking for the Hooded Merganser, because there was a single observation in the east of Holland. This particular duck is a very rare vagrant in Holland. Did not see him and decided to go, because even if I would see him the picture was not going to be pretty. Maybe except if he would fly onto my face, but that was probably not going to happen in a million years.

Okay, next up: the Oostvaarders Plassen. One of Hollands biggest nature reserves. Rain, rain, rain and rain and rain*. But that is Holland in autumn. But whatever, that does not stop me. Driven up there and when I drove into the reserve there was a big bird sitting on a branch next to the road. So there is my first picture. She did not try to fly away, thank you Big Bad Buzzard!

Walked to an observation hide and after a while the most elusive bird of Holland appeared: The Bittern.

(* very happy with my new Canon 5D mark IV’s noise performance)