25/04/2017 – Early Ugly Fledglings

Time to look for Owls. Checked the Dutch website of bird observations, and the website said look for Tawny Owls somewhere in a forest in Den Haag. So stepped in the car, drove only 20 minutes and there was the little stretch of forest. I have no idea how to search for these buggers, but hey let´s just give it a go.
Walked around for more than two hours and I didn’t see a single Owl. I thought let’s stay for a half hour and if I didn’t find them by then, I will have my defeat and go home. Of course I should have said that to myself way earlier, because after a few minutes I saw two people photographing something up in the trees. And there they were the most ugly fledlings I have ever seen. 3 Tawny Owl youngsters, but how awesome!