01/05/2017 – Eared Ones

Eared Grebes that would be the objective today. So ,award winning wildlife photographer, Lars Bezemer (Wiebs Wildlife) and I went to a lake in the south of Holland to have some luck.

Of course we wanted to photograph these waterbirds as close as possible, so we thought it would be a good idea to set up a small hide. And we did. Set the tent up, at a suitable spot and waited….
There were some gulls and sometimes the Eared Grebes were starting to get closer, but everytime, a Great Crested Grebe would scare them away. Sat at that particular spot for 3 hours…no luck.
So Lars decided to scout another location. He came back with fries and snacks.
But he also found out the Eared Grebes were hanging out just a couple of metres from our spot just around the corner.

Set up the hide in a field of Nettles and insects (still itchy a day after), but got some good shots. However, we wanted better shots. Decided to move the hide but it got whacked (againnnn). This was the time we realized the Grebes were not scared of us at all. They let us come as close as we would with the hide……The light was not really cooperative, but still had a great day!